Directional Drilling is a relatively new technique for the installation of underground utilities. It allows for the installation of underground utilities such as gas, water, sewer electrical and communications cables without the need for open trenching.

Directional drilling is currently being used to install pressure sewer, water and stormwater systems for water authorities and local councils. It is more cost effective, as main lines can be bored down streets and branches can be installed into houses under garden areas, driveways and paths efficiently and effectively. This application is more environmentally friendly than open excavation method, due to less machinery, traffic interruptions, re-instatement and maintenance.

The machine is placed above ground; rods are attached and hydraulically drilled through the ground.

The machine is directly steered by a specialised steering head and tracked with the latest Digi-Trax Eclipse System, which allows the operator to locate the rods underground. When the rods have reached the desired location they are attached to the pipe with the pulling head and pulled back through to the machine.

Our AZTEC 60/30 and Ditch witch 17/20 can complete the following bore holes:

Poly Sizes 63mm-140mm, up to 250m in length

Greater pipe diameter over shorter distances can be achieved, up to 600mm diameter.


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