The term Static is used as there are no vibrating parts; the bursting force is supplied as a direct pull back on the splitting head.

An alternative to open cut trenching for sewer, water & stormwater pipes;   it can only be used insitu to either replace size for size or upsizing.

Utilities such as water, sewer, gas etc often need replacing, most are located in urban areas, under buildings, roads, driveways and gardens and are often surrounded by other services, Replacement is often not viable with traditional trenching methods.

Our Grundoburst TT40 has a 40 ton break out force with the capability to burst and upsize pipes from 100mm to 225mm in both gravity fed pipelines and pressure pipelines with shots up to 100 metres in length.

Pneumatic Pipe Bursting

The steel bursting head is driven by a pneumatic hammer which is run by an air compressor.The hammer is inside the host pipe, attached to the front of the hammer is a 14 tonne winch with variable load ratings depending on pipe size and length.

The head bursts the host pipe and the winch attached to the front of the head pulls incrementally from the exit pit or manhole and guides the head through the existing pipe.

The bursting head splits the host pipe and the expander displaces the fragmented host pipe and compacts the surrounding soil while the new pipe is pulled in simultaneously.

Pipe Bursting Sizes:

Pipe Bursting 100mm to 315mm size for size

Pipe Bursting - Roadbore Tasmania Pipe Bursting - Roadbore Tasmania Pipe Bursting - Roadbore Tasmania Pipe Bursting - Roadbore Tasmania