The Pipe Spot Repair is a no-dig repair method for defects in pipes. The fibre reinforced plastic patch is wrapped around a rubber sleeve and placed at the repair point using a CCTV Camera to correctly position the patch over the defect. The sleeve is inflated and held in position until the curing process is complete.


The materials used for the patch are primary, hardening and accelerating agents applied to glass fibre.


At present the patch liner can be used on pipes from 100mm to 400mm diameter. The system is designed for spot repairs up to 1 metre in length per patch and can be overlapped to achieve a larger distance.


Prior to repair, the area is cleaned by water jet and tree roots and other debris removed. The reinforced patch is made up on site, then wound around a rubber sleeve which is winched to the point of repair. The sleeve is then inflated with low pressure and held in position until hardening is complete. The damaged area is reinforced and sealed by the patch. It is possible to Spot repair while effluent is flowing in the pipe, providing it is minimal.


The Pipe Spot Repair System is suitable for most repairs in cracked, broken and dislodged stormwater and sewer pipelines, constructed of PVC, Poly,  Concrete and Earthenware.

Please note this system is not designed for pressure pipes.

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