Sliplining is a popular and trusted trenchless method that allows you to rehabilitate deteriorating pipe by inserting a smaller pipe into an existing pipe. As a trenchless method, Sliplining can be applied to either pressure or gravity pipelines.  Water, sewer and stormwater can be renewed with minimal excavation.

Sliplining ensures that the rehabilitated pipe and connections are leak proof, corrosion resistant and capable of greater flows.


A winch cable is inserted through the existing line and then attached to the front of the new liner. The new liner pipe is then pulled into the existing pipe, and then reconnected to the new system.

  • Sliplining can be used on most types of pipes
  • Better flow due to use of Poly Pipe
  • It causes little disturbance to other utilities
  • Can be installed in live lines without bypass pumping
  • Works best with few connections